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Our Rainbow Trout

We farm fish using recirculating water technology to keep the waters and environment clean and the wild fish safe. By using the circulating water technology, we save water and also prevent farmed fish from escaping to the wild and causing serious biodiversity issues to the wild fish population.

Our fish are clean and healthy

Clean water ensures clean and healthy fish

The most important factor for fish growth and health is clean and oxygen-efficient, flowing water. The water used in our current Varkaus breeding process is taken from Lake Saimaa and although the water is very clean to begin with it gets filtered, biofiltered, disinfected and oxidized. All solid components of more than 0,02 mm, including any plastic particles, are cleaned from the water even before the water is taken into the plant. In the facility, the water circulates through the purification system twice an hour effectively removing even the finest particles from the water. Thanks to the thorough process the fish are healthy and clean so that it can be eaten raw if preferred. We will fully replicate this approach in all our further facilities in Finland and abroad.

No dangerous contaminants

Wild inland and sea fish species accumulate different contaminants during their life cycle. For example, mercury is accumulated from soil to fish in the food chain process in some areas. Residues are the largest among large predatory fishes. Our rainbow trout is grown with high quality,  environmentally certified feed, where the contaminant content is non-existent and supervised all the time during the farming process. It is also worth noting that our fillets are made from young fish in which further ensures that no accumulation of harmful substances could take place.

Antibiotic and disease free

All fish we sell is antibiotic-free. In circulating water treatment, optimal conditions significantly reduce the number of fish diseases, and we never  use antibiotics or pesticides in our fresh circulating plants.

Sustainably produced

Water circulation technology is the most environmentally friendly method of fish farming

The environmental friendliness of circulating water farming is based on low water use and efficient water purification systems that enable efficient nutrient recovery. Our plant uses 99% less water than a traditional breeding plant. To grow one kilogram of fish, only 500 litres of water is needed at the Varkaus plant, while in a traditional fish farm the corresponding quantity is about 50 000 litres. Our purification systems effectively catch all residue (incl. phosphours). On  top of that our discharge water is further cleaned at Stora Enso's treatment plant to ensure a minimum harmful impact to the environment.


Our fish is grown with quality and environmentally certified feed

Our rainbow trouts are fed using feed designed specifically for the production of fresh rainbow trout in fresh water with further adaptations to Saimaa. The high omega 3 content of our feed comes from marine algae. Algae is an environmentally friendly and clean way to improve the nutritional quality of the fish feed. Our feed suppliers, whose production has quality and environmental certifications, buy their soy from processing plants in Denmark that use only certified Brazilian gmo-free soybeans. The feed we use is ASC certified, which specifically ensures that the raw materials are produced sustainably.


Zero food waste

An important part of our environmental philosophy is that all parts of the fish are used. The cutting pieces resulting from the filleting are used for fish patties, bones for broths and sauces with the residue going into animal feed. Fish sold in portion size reduces food waste, but it is also the best size for growth and feeding efficiency.


Short operational value chain

Our fish are grown, processed, filleted and packed on site in Varkaus. The fish are transferred to the retail stores on the day of the slaughter be that as fillets or e.g. fish soup.

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