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Sustainable technology and production chain

Finnforel uses the most advanced and environmentally friendly solution in fish farming

Sustainable technology and production chain

Recirculating Aquaculture Systems

Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) technology is a revolutionary, disruptive technology.  It is non-invasive, land-based aquaculture method that has a simple basic operating principle: Circulating water by pumping it between the feeding tanks and the cleaning system.


Purified water is pumped into large, round plastic or concrete tanks in the RAS facility. The water circulates several times per day between the tanks  and the purification system where solid objects and the nitrogen produced by the fish are removed using the filtration system.


Furthermore, the water is constantly disinfected, ozonated, oxidized and adjusted to the correct temperature level before being directed back into the tank. Fish are fed by pool-specific computer-controlled feeding machines, which can dispense the exact amount of feed to each pool according to the quantity of fish.

Benefits of using RAS based technology

RAS is the only sustainable solution for the increasing demand of rainbow trout


RAS does not burden the environment since no nutrients are discharged to the environment


The purity of the water ensures the absence of plastic, diseases and sea lice and negates the use of any antibiotics or pesticides


RAS saves water:

Over 95% of the water is recirculated


The conditions can be adjusted to optimal levels so that the fish growth is maximized or adjusted for the demand


All organic waste is collected for beneficial uses

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