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Our Facilities

Varkaus – End product facility that uses solar energy and clean water

Our current main production facility is in Varkaus, where appr million kilos of rainbow trout a year are produced in optimal conditions, packed and delivered to the end consumer. In 2020 May we began using solar energy for our electricity needs. Currently the solar energy produces over one third of our energy requirements.


We are in the process of constructing another significant and improved facility next to the existing one that has a production capacity of approximately 1.8 Mkg. The production of the new facility will start by end of 2022.

Hatsina - Rainbow trout hatchery

A facility located in Hollola, 235 km from Huutokoski (110km from Helsinki), where our rainbow trout fingerlings are produced. We currently purchase the eyed eggs globally, mainly from Denmark. We are in the process of sourcing the eggs locally which will ultimately improve the quality of our end-product, traceability, and production chain.

Huutokoski – Juvenile production facility

The Fingerlings from Hatsina facility are transferred to Huutokoski, where they are introduced to the recirculating aquaculture environment and allowed to grow to approximately 80g size befor they are transported the short distance to Varkaus.

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