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Our Story


We are three fishing friends and fish food enthusiasts from Savonia: Kaj Arvonen, Pekka Viljakainen and Petri Heino. A few years age we became concerned about the quality, flavour and availability of sustainably, close to the consumer grown fish. Consequently, we developed a whole new way of farming fish in an environmentally sustainable way and redesigned the entire fish production chain from the fish eggs to the delicious fish products we deliver in consumer friendly portions.  Our fish are farmed using a closed water circulation system or RAS. The growing tanks are indoors providing an optimal platform for process control while also providing the fish a less stressful environment, free of antibiotics and pesticides.


​The feeding process for the fish is based on a biological mathematical energy demand model that is integrated into the system. Since fish are variable temperature animals, their energy demand is directly linked to temperature. Our smart system measures the conditions and provides the fish with exactly the amount of feed that they need.

We currently operate three facilities:

  • Hatsina: From egg to fry

  • Huutokoski: from fry to fingerlings

  • Varkaus 1: from fingerlings to fish

The final result of all this finely tuned science and pioneering R&D work is the fresh, clean and healthy Finnish fish. We are now looking to scale up our activities both in Finland and abroad!


We are committed to preserving natural biodiversity of the Finnish wild fish and to reduce carbon footprint by delivering sustainably and locally produced rainbow trout that is clean and healthy. We are also proud to be the first Finnish fish farming company accepted as a partner for WWF Finland.


"We became interested in working with Finnforel because circulatory farming is a new and modern production method that enables fish to be farmed with much more sustainably." says Matti Ovaska, Protection Specialist at WWF Finland.


​With the cooperation launched at the beginning of August(2020), Finnforel will donate a percentage of its revenues to projects protecting the endangered natural fish stocks in Finland, in particular in the Saimaa region. The cooperation agreement covers years 2020-2022.

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