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Sustainability, technology and industrial scale.



We are three fishing friends and fish food enthusiasts from Savonia: Kaj Arvonen, Pekka Viljakainen and Petri Heino. A few years ago we became concerned about the quality, flavour and availability of sustainably, close to the consumer grown fish. Consequently, we developed a whole new way of farming fish in an environmentally sustainable way and redesigned the entire fish production chain from the fish eggs to the delicious fish products we deliver in consumer-friendly portions. Our fish are farmed using a closed water circulation system or Recirculating aquaculture system (RAS).



February 28, 2023
Finnish aquaculture innovator Finnforel and global animal health and nutrition company Alltech join forces
  • Fish raised in open net environments contain traces of plastic

  • Conventional salmon farming in open net pens contaminates marine ecosystems with chemicals and pathogens

  • Current fish, mainly salmon, farming methods lead to increased Greenhouse Gas Emissions through long production chains

  • Oceans are exposed to overfishing

  • The water in a closely controlled cycle ensures tasty and healthy fish

  • No dangerous contaminants

  • Antibiotic and disease free

  • Water circulation technology is the most environmentally friendly method of fish farming from all perspectives

  • All production batches fully traceable throughout the production chain from egg to consumer

  • Our fish are grown with high quality, environmentally certified feed

  • Zero Food Waste and waste; all parts of the fish are used

Finnforel uses the most advanced and environmentally friendly solution in fish farming

  • Technology developed in partnership with the leading experts of the world

  • Significant proprietary capabilities in process control, feeding and lighting technologies

Fish is delicious, quickly prepared food. All our fish is sold fresh and consequently salt (and depending on your taste not always even that) is often the only spice you need to season your fish. Our standard, uniform, fresh, individually packaged portion fillets and “Family packs” are a new, revolutionary product for the consumers. We have an active product development programme with an exciting pipeline.

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